Our Team

Employees are our main driving force at work. Their talent and commitment let us have a profitable, sustained and responsible growth. Thus, we seek to empower their capabilities permanently, promoting a leadership that is based in the Graña y Montero Style and guaranteeing a climate of camaraderie and respect.

In this way, they are better prepared and put into practice the basic knowledge and experience in the execution of their work.


Our workers are a key part for CONCAR. With them we work and comprehensive approach that aims to strengthen their capabilities, offer growth opportunities and provide social benefits for them and their families.

Healthy Floor Program

Oscar Baldeón – Maintenance Assistant

CONCAR taught us how to build a false floor, and contributed to improve the quality of life of our families.

Healthy Floor Program

José Muñoa - Maintenance Assistant

I am very grateful to CONCAR for the support ir provides us, and to work partners for the teamwork we perform.

CONCAR School Program

Tecla Estofanero – Cleaning Assistant

Thanks to CONCAR for the support and opportunity it provides us for studying, because it is never too late to learn.