Mission, vision and values

Our Mission

To provide specialized service in road operations, maintenance and infrastructure management, providing growth opportunities for our employees, contributing to their health and safety, and caring for the environment and the welfare of communities near our work areas.

Our Vision

To be recognized by our clients, users and regulatory entities as the country’s best company in the field of road operation,maintenance and infrastructure management services.

Our Values

Concar’s success is mainly due to commitment to our four corporate values:

  • Performance
    Our commitment to our clients goes beyond our contractual obligations. Inspired by our “Before the Deadline” policy, we gear our efforts toward complete customer satisfaction.
  • Quality
    Our activities are carried out ensuring high quality that goes beyond the standard, not only in aspects related to the operation itself, but also in processes that are subject to international standards regarding quality, risk prevention, the environment and social responsibility.
  • Reliability
    Our relationship with clients, suppliers, employees, the community, authorities and stakeholders with whom we interact is framed in the principle of honesty that reflects the reliability with which we conduct our activities. This image identifies us as it does the Graña y Montero group as a whole.
  • Efficiency
    We strive to attain the highest level of productivity and efficiency in every area of our business, reducing costs and improving margins, which enable us to ensure our competitiveness in the market.