Our Mainclients

Private Sector:

  • Norvial S.A.:
    With the concession for Road Network 5, a 182.7 km-long highway linking Ancón, Huacho and Pativilca.
  • Survial S.A.:
    With the concession of Section 1 of the IIRSA Sur, a 757.7 km-long highway linking San Juan de Marcona and Urcos, which passes through the departments of Ica, Ayacucho, Apurímac and Cusco.
  • Concesión Canchaque S.A.:
    With the concession of the 78.1 km highway linking Buenos Aires and Canchaque.
  • GyM Ferrovías S.A.:
    With the concession of the 20.9 km-long Line 1 of the Lima Metro (formally known as the Electric Train).

Public Sector:

  • Ministry of Transportation and Communications:
    Through its management unit, Provías Nacional.
  • Regional Government Of Cusco:
    With the Cusco Integration Regional Road Network projects.