Social Responsibility

For the last several years, in line with company policy, Graña y Montero has been incorporating social responsibility activities in its operations.

The Ethics Letter, signed in 1995, the Risk Prevention Policy signed in 1999, the Environmental Policy signed in 1998 and the Social Responsibility Policy signed in 2006 form part of our daily activities, outlining proper conduct with our stakeholders(clients, shareholders, employees, the state, suppliers, the community and the environment).

This socially responsible conduct has the employees as the target group on the internal front and, on the external front, clients, the state, suppliers and the community with which the company has ties from conducting its operations.

With regard to the foregoing, Concar has been taking specific actions regarding:

Our Employees

Concar’s employees are the reason for the success of our operations. We have a team of more than 3,000 employees including specialized professionals and technicians, the majority of whom have multidisciplinary experience in the sector. Therefore, following the “Learn to Grow” guidelines, we foster the transmission of knowledgefor each group of employees in the company, according to their characteristics, since we believe that knowledge management will enable Concar to maintain its leading position in infrastructure operation, maintenance and management.

Concar seeks this positioning with the certainty that all of its employees are aligned with its mission and vision. In addition, according to the results of the work climate surveys conducted over the last five years by Great Place to Work (GPtW), the company has a 73% satisfaction rate, which reflects the fact that Concar employees work in an atmosphere of respect, credibility, impartiality, pride and camaraderie.

Complementing a good work climate, Concar provides a space for not only professional and academic development, but also personal development. For this reason, based on the Graña y Montero corporate values, it has been conducting the “My Values, My Trademark” program, the purpose of which is to foster putting Performance, Quality, Responsibility and Efficiency into practice in its activities, as well as in interpersonal relations in the workplace.

Similarly, recognizing its importance to the communities in which it operates, Concar fosters the creation of employment, seeking the employees it needs to conduct its activities in its areas of influence. Nearly nine of every ten Concar employees are local residents, who receive the training they need for their jobs, as well as for their personal development.

Risk Prevention

In line with the corporate Risk Prevention policy, we recognize that our employees are the company’s most important asset. We acknowledge our responsibility to care for their safety in all of the activities they carry out for Concar, whether in direct processes in the operation or in support activities.

Performing the work safely enables us to be a first class organization recognized by clients and users, as well as our own employees. This also contributes to improvement in the work climate, since the employees feel that they work in a safe environment.

Over the last five years, the risk prevention culture has had a significant effect on our employees, as demonstrated by a reduction in our accident frequency indicators, which are below international standards.

Knowledge Management

Our commitment to our employees goes beyond the transmission of knowledge required to perform their work. Our training plans are formulated from three perspectives: technical knowledge, technical support knowledge and personal skills. In this manner, regardless of their level in our organization, our employees are given opportunities for both work-related and personal development, within the framework of the Corporate Learning Center guidelines, through the "Learn to Grow” strategy.

Last year, we achieved an indicator of 74 thousand man hours of training, aimed at covering the expectations for knowledge of the majority of our approximately 3,000 employees. Our training plans include internal training by our own instructors, as well as outside training by well-known faculty members of different universities.

In addition, our commitment to the transmission of knowledge also includes the communities in our areas of influence, in which 17 public primary schools are involved. We have provided 18 thousand 600 man hours of training on road safety to student instructors, with which we expect to reach approximately 3 thousand students of these schools, whose ages range from 5 to 12, for the purpose of fostering road safety.

Community Relations

Concar is aware of the importance of the role of the private sector in community development, as well as in the country’s development. For this reason, it has been implementing sustainable actions in capacity building and the strengthening of inter-institutional relations, with the intention of fostering mutual support among organizations and sectors.

Therefore, since 2011, we have been conducting the Road Safety and Environmental Education Program in our different projects. The objective of this program is to reduce the number of accidents involving children living in the communities near our areas of influence, as well as to promote caring for the environment.

The program is conducted in coordination with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, through the National Road Safety Council. With support from the aforementioned institutions, instructors have been trained on road safety. In turn, they are responsible for training teachers from the 17 primary schools involved, providing them with technical knowledge and the materials they need to hold educational class sessions with their students. These class sessions are complemented with educational projects in which not only teachers and students participate, but also the children’s parents.

In some of its projects, depending on the social conditions found, Concar conducts Community Relations programs for the purpose of fostering an atmosphere of trust, harmony and respect with the people and communities along the stretches of road where it operates. The core of these relations is honest, transparent information for our stakeholders.

Lastly, in relation with the community and in line with corporate actions, Concar has been participating in sustainable humanitarian aid projects, such as the Cold Weather Drive. With the voluntary contribution of Graña y Montero employees, the company has implemented “Improved Cook Stoves”for the purpose of collaborating with families living high in the Peruvian Andes to improve their living conditions. In this drive, the cook stoves are not the most important aspect of the intervention, but rather the company’s relationship with the communities and capacity-building so that they can make, use and maintain the stoves. As a result of this intervention and in association with Sencico Ica, to date, nearly 160 families in four communities in the Ayacucho and Apurímac regions have benefited, and 60 men and women have received training.

Our commitment to the community is reflected in an operation that respects interculturality and the environment, and contributes to capacity-building among families in order to improve their quality of life in a sustainable manner.